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Better Shared.

Coliving rooms in design housing in Belgium,
shared with people you choose.

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We build our homes thinking of you.

And what you really care about.

Flexible contracts with no burocracy.

We know contracts are boring and stressful, so we made them simple and flexbile in case your plans change.

Choosing great roommates.

We believe our people are pretty great, but that's because they picked each other with our roomie approval system.

Being independent to the max.

We're here to facilitate your co-living experience. We'll bring the lemons, you take care of the lemonade.

Plus, it's all online and simple to use.

1. Search for your favorite place.

2. Apply online.

3. Meet the roommates.

4. Sign the contract.

5. Move in.

And you can visit the house from the comfort of your home.

Look for a 3d visit

Design, Comfort, Environment.

Your home is where you'll spend most of your time, so we made sure it would be perfect.

See our houses

Charleville 44.

Impressive Merchant’s house in the center of Charleroi

Audent 30.

Charismatic Art-Déco House in the heart of Charleroi

Paul Pastur 86.

Beautiful Mansion

Bosquet 56.

Beautiful Mansion near Louise

Vandenbroeck 67.

Typical cityhouse at the EU Parliament's doorstep

Bataves 22.

Brand new Mansion near Montgomery

Kemmel 3.

A magnificent mansion by architect Fernand Cornil, next to Parc de Forest

Alsemberg 685.

Beautiful big mansion in Uccle

Zandpoort 41.

Historical Merchant’s house in the heart of Ghent

Koning Albert 41.

Beautiful mansion at the Ghent Sint-pieters station

Eugène Plasky 9.

Beautiful big renovated mansion near the European institutions